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  1. Good afternoon ! I would like to bring by 10 years son Teoh to the comp! It that Ok with you ? He already windsurf. How can I register him ?Regards CHristelle

    1. Hi CHristelle,
      Thanks for your question and sorry for the late response, your comment got mixed up with a lot of spam 😉
      With the NSWWA’s new format, our events are fun for all ages. Teoh is more than welcome to attended our comps (as long as he stays safe in the water).
      Hope this answered your question, and hope to see you at one of events!
      Thanks again, NSWWA 🙂

  2. Hi!
    Simple Infos … I’m looking to plan a trip to Sydney and looking to scores some wavesailing… Does October and November could deliver good conditions? If not should we look more for January and Feb?

    1. Hi Ppjutras, you should get good condition from October, right through to March. You are likely to get a bit more wind in the middle of this period, but the swell may also be a little smaller at some spots. Take a look at our ‘Spot Guide’ (link at top of page) for some more info about wavesailing in Sydney.
      Regards, NSWWA.

      1. Awesome
        Thank you very much

  3. Hi there Just wondering if someone from club is able to do private or group lessons I had already 6h but just need a bit more. If someone would be happy to do that please let me know

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