Welcome to the New South Wales Wavesailing Association.

If you are reading this there is a good chance that you are an active participant in arguably one of the most exciting, progressive and challenging sports – wave sailing! There are not many sports that continually evolve through equipment advances and new moves. When a loop used to be a big deal, itʼs now a double, triple or even a push loop forward! Just as you feel that youʼre at the top of your game, someone else invents a new spinning, flicking transition and itʼs time to start learning all over.

The NSW Wavesailing Association caters for the above but also for people just starting to learn the art of wavesailing and jumping.

Our Mission Statement 
“Increase participation in Wavesailing and Wavesailing competitions in NSW through the development of a dynamic, fun and inspiring environment for people of all ages to enjoy our sport.”


How do we do this?

Typically a NSWWA event is completed in a day and will run on either the Saturday or Sunday. Competitors are split into categories – Youths, Ladies, Amateurs, Proʼs, Masters and Grand Masters so if youʼre new to competition sailing, you wonʼt be up against an ex Australian National Champion!

Heats are usually run with four to six competitors who have been seeded on past performance.  Theyʼre given 10-15 minutes to impress the judges and hopefully move through to the finals. The exact format can change on the day depending on wind and surf conditions so keep an eye out on the whiteboard or talk to the Head Judge on the day for confirmation.  If time allows, a second opportunity to get to the final can be provided through a repêchage.

Once the competition is finished there is usually time for some more sailing where the sailors really go for it, knowing it doesnʼt matter if they wipeout!

Saturday evening is reserved for a BBQ, drinks and presentations of awards and gifts from our excellent sponsors. Itʼs at this stage that the members catch up on the latest news, talk about their heats and generally share the passion and stoke of wave sailing!

Why do we do this?

Talking to members, there is a regular theme that comes out when asked what NSWWA means to them.  Comments such as “sailing with mates”, “sharing the passion”, “improving performance through sailing with people”, “friendly competition”, “great weekends away with friends” really do sum up why people join and why we run this association.

There is nothing better than seeing a junior improve through the season, watching an amateur win their first final or looking on in awe at pros busting huge moves off next to nothing!

We are a collective group of people with the same passion for wavesailing – trying to sail at our own absolute limits – who enjoy nothing more than sharing a weekend and occasionally a wave with friends!

What about you?

If you’ve ever considered trying wavesailing, competing or getting back into it, you’ve come to the right place!

We hope to see you at our next event!