Martin Batstone

Martin Batstone

Age: 49

Height: 178cm

Weight: 75 kg

Residence: Brisbane, Australia

Boards: Severne Nano 93, Quatro Thruster 82
Sails: Ezzy Sails

Favourite move: Stalled forward


Windsurfing Journey: I started when I got my first paycheck as an intern on the Gold Coast when I was 23.  I surfed a fair bit before then and got sick of the waves being blown out in the afternoon.  It turned out to be much more fun than surfing and I got into the waves on the sailboard as soon as I could!

Why do you wavesail?: I love catching waves, jumping, trying to improve my turns.  It never gets boring as there is always something changing.  You end up physically exhausted but mentally relaxed which is the perfect antidote for work.

Favourite wavesailing manoeuvre: Whatever the conditions dictate!  Backloops when I don’t crash, big gouges on good waves, aerials.

What has been the best Wavesailing moment in your life?  Too many to count but the highlights are exploring the world and meeting great people.

Major achievements:

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