Get Involved

NSWWA Membership

To join the NSWWA, print out the membership form and fill out the details with payment or you can simply turn up to an event and join on the day, it’s that easy!  Keep an eye on this website for the event details, and in particular the sign on location and time.

It’s also fine to come to an event and not compete – it can be nice just to sail new locations other keen windsurfers, and as long as you sail outside the competition area you can sail as much as you like.

What gear do I need?

You need a board you can take in the waves, ideally big enough for non-planing conditions, and some sails.  For an 80kg sailor, an 80-90L wave or freestyle wave board, and  5.5ish and 4.7ish sails would cover the conditions at most events.