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Teams Event & Presentation – 10/11 March 2018

The 2017/18 Summer Series came to a fitting end with a weekend of Wavesailing and great socialising, with wind and waves – not many of us were down at Gerroa for the solid swell on the Saturday morning – those that were there were rewarded with uncrowded overhead waves with plenty of punch to get out on a board or Sup and have a ball.

When the ever reliable Gerroa NE came up a few sailors went out and waves over half mast were there for the patient ones – here are some phone shots of James Fink

There were aerials and some bigger sets enjoyed before we inevitably called it off and headed for drinks and Trophy Presentation at Emery Park – many thanks go to our series sponsor Wind Surf & Snow, as well as Severne Sails & Cronulla Surfing Academy who donated prizes for the series.

Series Results:
Open Pros: Equal 1st place to Adrian Levy & Shane Finnigan, equal 3rd to Francois Pialoux & Zack Coleman
Open Ams: 1st Place Darren Pascoe, 2nd Place Tim Pitcher, 3rd Place Adrien Gacon
Juniors: 1st Place James Fink, equal 2nd Adam Pitcher and Daniel Pitcher
Masters: 1st Place Dean Hendrie, 2nd Place Stephen Robinson, 3rd Place Rob Jacobs
Grand Masters: 1st Place Warren Holder, 2nd Place Michael Preswick

We of course headed up to Fishos for dinner and more refreshments and celebrated what has been a great season.

On Sunday morning the formalities resumed with the AGM and new look committee was elected, additional details and minutes will be in a separate post, but we welcome and appreciate the following who have been elected to ensure the next season is run as a professional and fun series of events with emphasis on  fairness in judging & competition.

President – Zack Coleman
Vice President – Jason Juretic
Secretary – Warren Holder
Treasurer – Richard Fink
Head Judge – Dean Hendrie
Marketing & Media – Michael Preswick
Sponsorship – Rob Jacobs

We also thank the outgoing committee members for their efforts during the year
Sunday offered smaller surf, but we had sufficient wind to finish the series’ final event with several hours of quality free sailing – there was a feeling of being in a great Team, even though we had no formal event, everyone there enjoyed the weekend.


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Dean Hendrie’s Windsurfing Secrets – 2017-18 NSWWA Masters Titles holder

Rob Jacob’s Interviews 2017/18 Masters Champion Dean Hendrie

Dean, firstly congratulations  on winning all the Rounds of the NSWWavesailing series Masters Division this season.  You are a worthy winner after consistent and super sailing all year – well done.


Deano at Gerroa – Feb 2018    Pic Bob McMillan

Firstly is there anyone you’d like to thank?

My gear suppliers Sailworks and Windsurf Systems Melbourne, Aeron bases and booms, NoLimitz masts and Fanatic boards.  And of course, I also have great support from my wife Leeann and my 2 boys in getting to the events.

Can you tell us a bit about your approach to competitions (training/diet/etc) ?

I don’t do much training as I am busy between work and family commitments and don’t get to sail as much as I’d like.  So most of my sailing is done on Comp weekends.  That’s why I enjoy the Comps so much.  I come to the events to enjoy the sailing and get together with people with common interests.

What was your favourite Comp this year?

I really enjoyed the last one at Gerroa.  Good waves and wind on the Saturday, and great get together Sat night and then Sunday wind and waves were even better.  Lots of great sailors on the water pushing each others performance in great conditions.  It was a really great weekend all round.


Pic Jason Hale

What was your favourite heat this year?

Well interestingly it was one I lost – Wazza beat me and it made me even more determined and really kept me honest.  I went through the repercharge heats and beat him in the final.  It reminded me how fiercely contested and close the Masters division is.  There are no easy heats.

I try to concentrate on my own performance in a heat and not look at what others are doing.  I find watching other competitors can put too much pressure on and distract me from my own performance.  So I try not to watch others in my heat.

I remember you telling me years ago about a day so stormy in Newcastle that the SES closed Nobbys beach and wouldn’t let anyone access the beach.  You showed them a business card you had got printed that said “Dean Hendrie KA270 – Professional Windsurfer” and that these were exactly the conditions you needed to practice in – AND they let you in !!  Do you still have the card? Have you used it lately?

Ha Ha Ha no I don’t have it anymore.  But they closed Nobby’s Beach for the V8 Supercars recently and it was windy leading up to the race.  So I had to tell the security guy the same thing.  He said “if I let you in your car will be locked in for the night” – I managed to find a way out round the corner after my sail !!

How does having 2 young sons affect your windsurfing (Dean and Leeann have 2 sons aged 9 and 11)?

Well it certainly means less time on the water and other responsibilities.  But I have been starting to teach them SUP and windsurfing which is really fantastic as they are getting a bit older.  So it’s a win-win really


Pic: Jason Hale

Well congratulations again and thanks for your time Dean – sounds like we might see the Hendrie clan dominating the Juniors Division soon too !!


And the “Last time” interview:

Last TV series you watched?………. Leeann made me watch Married at First Sight

Last movie you saw?……………………………………………………… American Sniper

Last music you bought?…………………………………………………….. Coldplay

Last band you saw?……………………… Midnight Oil in the Hunter Valley – awesome

Last book you read?………………………………………………………. I don’t read much

Last time you lost your temper?………………………………… probably at work yesterday

Last time you were really scared?………….. my father was recently diagnosed with cancer!

Last time you got ripped off?…… planned to sail but had to mind the kids at the last minute

Last time you felt really stoked with the world?…… the Sunday of the last Gerroa comp

Last time you said sorry?………………… I’m always saying “sorry – I’m going sailing !”

Last time you prayed?………………………………………… at our wedding – July 2002

Last time you had a big night out?…………………………… I don’t do that much anymore

Last time you were in trouble with the Law?……….. 30yrs driving and never been booked!

Last time you got injured?………………… Gerroa a few weeks back jammed my finger.

Last time you said never again?………………………………. working overtime at work

Last time you laughed out loud?………………….. answering these questions

Last windsurfing trip?……………………………. only to the wavesailing comps lately

Last job you would ever want?……………………………………………. cleaning toilets

Last piece of clothing you bought?……………………………………… Quiksilver shirt

Last social media post ?……………………………. Facebook of the last comp

Last embarrassing moment………. I rarely get embarrassed because I don’t care what people think

Last words of advice?…… Live life to the fullest – you don’t know what will happen tomorrow


Pic: Jason Hale

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NSWWA Summer Series Teams event – 10/11 Mar 2018

poster v2The TEAMS comp is rapidly approaching us so let’s get ready for a Smackfest and enjoy the presentation of the NSWWA Summer Series titles!  WHO will reign supreme?

Also if you want to join the NSWWA  committee or share your ideas. make sure you attend the Annual General Meeting being held on the Sunday.  The Minutes of last years meeting and this years Agenda are attached here.

2017-18 AGM Agenda and MINUTES OF AGM 20170304 (1)

Duncan OTL

Duncan Osborne going hard.  Pic by Jason Hale

Rego will be at either Gerroa Car Park or Windang SLSC 10-11am on Sat 10th March 2018.  As always wind direction and surf will dictate where we end up competing.

Typically we have teams made up along the lines of North Coast, Northern Beaches, Eastern Suburbs, Southside, South Coast and even the Frenchies/Euros! It is a team event where you claim your best wave ride before coming in and tagging a team-mate. Just turn up on the day and we guarantee you will be able to join a team and YES there will be plenty of prizes.

A BIG team house will again be booked if early bookings are secured by Sunday 4th March 2018 on 0402 320 940. Rates are $200 for a room – that is $100 ea for 2 nights (Friday and Saturday), or single beds in a shared room for $60 each for 2 nights. Sleeping in vans and using shower/lounge/toilet is $20 for 2 nights.


Sat night party theme is “BLUE PARTY” to reflect our passion to keep the ocean pollution free.  So come dressed in blue or blue themed (see below) ready to party hard and RSVP your dinner bookings on 0402320940 or on our facebook page.

Thanks to our Series Sponsor:





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Results of the NSWWA Summer Series Event 5 are in

WOW, what an excellent weekend of lip smacking fun.


Young James Fink showing how it’s done.  Pic Jason Hale

The forecast held true and it was excellent to see everyone out there at Gerroa ripping it up in the perfect Nor’easter with great beach break and bommie surf on both Saturday and Sunday.

So the results for this weekend of all weekends were:

1st – James Fink
1st – Dean Hendrie
2nd – Stephen Robinson
3rd – Rob Jacobs
good wave
Brett Goodwin was ripping it up. Pic: Bob McMillan
1st – Martin Batstone
2nd – Darren Pascoe
3rd – Tim Pitcher
1st – Forrest Ladkin
2nd – Adrian Levy
3rd – Shane Finnegan
Duncan Osbourne going into orbit! Pic: Bob McMillan
And as always “winners are grinners” so enjoy their grins below:


THANKS go to Series Sponsor for providing us with so many fantastic prizes
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NSWWA Summer Series – Event 5 – 17/18 Feb

Brett Windang

Rider: Brett Goodwin  Photo: Jason Hale Location: Windang last week!

This is the last event to count towards the overall Summer Series results.

If you haven’t already done so, click the button and register for the next event Register-Button-Transparent-Background compressed

Meeting details

10am to 11am at Windang SLSC or in Gerroa – location will be texted to all members before the event.  If it is at Gerroa then meet in the main Gerroa 7 mile beach carpark just over the Bridge next to the Caravan Park.  Plug 200 Crooked River Road, Gerroa, NSW, 2534 into your GPS

Gerroa beach mapOther details:

  • It’s the last event that counts towards the overall results so be prepared to party, the Fisho’s staff have been forewarned that we are on our way!
  • Team house, yes there is a team house and we have some spaces available in our house in Gerroa if you want to book a bed or room in the team house then text Jason on 0402 320 940. Prices are:
    • double room – $300 for 2 nights (minimum stay Fri and Sat)
    • single bed in a dorm or shared room $60 for 2 nights (minimum stay Fri and Sat)
    • crashing on floor or camping in back yard $20 per night
    • sleeping in car and using toilet $10 per night

NSW Wavesailing Association Series Sponsor

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Event 4 – Gerroa/Windang – 20/21 Jan 2018

20-21 January 2018

Event 4 of the NSW Wavesailing Series is this weekend and the forecast looks good!  We have some waves and Nor’easters lined up for ready for some fun hard riding.

Event 4 gerroa windang

If you haven’t already done so, click the button and register for the event Register-Button-Transparent-Background compressed

Meeting details

10am in the main Gerroa 7 mile beach carpark just over the Bridge next to the Caravan Park.  Plug 200 Crooked River Road, Gerroa, NSW, 2534 into your GPS

Gerroa beach map

Other details:

  • Be prepared to party, the Fisho’s staff have been forewarned that we are on our way!
  • Team house, we still have some spaces available in our house on Burke Parade, Gerroa if you want to book a bed or room or even a camp site! Just contact Zack Coleman


NSW Wavesailing Association Series Sponsor



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Windsurf n Snow Wave Event – 9/10 Dec

WE’RE ON for the WindsurfnSnow Wave event 3 of the NSWWA Summer Wavesailing series next weekend 9/10 Dec and the forecast looks great for Wanda both days.

If there was ever a time to compete at Wanda, then this WindsurfnSnow Wave event is it. 

Sign on at the Greenhills car park,  1R Mitchell Rd, Cronulla NSW 2230 at 10am to 11am

We have a kick ass TROPICAL party planned for Saturday night at Mike P’s waterfront home so grab your funky shirt and join us for a great BBQ and plenty of liquid refreshment.  For catering purposes, please confirm your attendance via facebook or to 0402 320 940

Wanda 2017 Poster

If you haven’t already done so, click the button and register for the event

Register-Button-Transparent-Background compressed

Continue reading Windsurf n Snow Wave Event – 9/10 Dec

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Severne 2017 Australian Wavesailing Titles and NSWWA Event 2 Update

17-21 November 2017

Only 5 days until the 2017 Severne Australian Wavesailing titles and 2nd NSWWA event kicks off and man does the forecast look good!  We have some waves and Nor’easters lined up all week for some lip smacking FUN.

Serverne 2017 nationals poster

It is great to hear we have good sized contingents joining us from Victoria, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia too!

If you haven’t already done so, click the button and register for the event Register-Button-Transparent-Background compressed

All registrations need to be made by Thu 16th Nov at 5pm so that the draw can be made for a possible 11am start on Fri 17th Nov!

Meeting details

10am in the main Gerroa 7 mile beach carpark just over the Bridge next to the Caravan Park.  Plug 200 Crooked River Road, Gerroa, NSW, 2534 into your GPS

Gerroa beach map

Other details:

  • Bring a 3/2 steamer, as much as water temps are nice now, a Southerly can bring it down quickly.
  • Be prepared to party, the Fishoes staff have been forewarned that we are on our way! 2 dinners will be provided (included in your rego).
  • Bring your gear for the Spanish Fiesta themed party (think bulls, bull runners, flamenco dancers or simply something red!).
  • Include a 4m sail in your quiver! Yes Gerroa winds have a history of kicking in hard in November. Ahh the joy 🙂
  • Team house, we still have some spaces available in our house on Burke Parade, Gerroa if you want to book a bed or room or even a camp site! Just contact Waz.

Any questions? Then drop an email to our revered contest director Warren “Wazza 1knot” Holder on

2017 Australian Wavesailing Titles Sponsor


Thanks to Natural Necessity in providing their jet ski for safety support on beach and also the kind offer of 15% off purchases in store (some exclusions do apply) for members

natural necessity logo

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Severne 2017 Australian Wavesailing Titles

NSW Wavesailing Association (NSWWA) is proud to be hosting the Severne 2017 Australian Wavesailing Titles in Gerroa. Event dates are 17-21 November 2017.

Severn Nationals 2

Photo: Paul Van Bellen

Thanks to the event Sponsor:severne-logo-compressed

Register and sign up here

Divisions are:

  • “Opens” division grouped with sub-divisions: “Womens”; “Amateurs” and “Juniors” (<18 years old, at 30 June 2017).
  • “Masters” divisions (ages determined as at 30 June 2017) will be grouped including “Masters” sub-division (>=45 years old) and a “Grand-Masters” sub-division (>=55 years old), with competitors nominating the particular sub-division they will compete in at the beginning of the comp.

Yes we have council and waterways permissions already secured and Warren “1knot” Holder has kindly taken on the competition director role.

This event doubles up as a NSWWA event and promises some fierce partying at Fishoes, competitive ping pong, some great surfing and SUP’ing and of course WAVESAILING.  BRING IT ON.

Plus to add greater value for our interstate wavesailors, we have intentionally set this event so it runs just before the world famous Merimbula Classic 23-26 November.  More details at 37th Merimbula Classic

So, book time off from work and make sure you can get to the Serverne 2017 Australian Wavesailing Titles event. Gerroa and the other locations; Windang and Shoalhaven Heads can really turn on some great conditions.

Holiday rentals can be booked at First National or camping at Seven Mile Beach Caravan Park or Discovery Holiday Parks.


See you on the water guys and gals.

Severn Nationals

Photo: Jason Hale

Thanks to the NSW Wavesailing Series Sponsor: