2020/21 Final Results and AGM

With the 2020/21 season now well and truly complete, and a new committee elected for 2021/22, the NSWWA wanted to provide some recognition of our season winners, and let members know about the committee elected for 2021/22.

Final Results

1. Michael Westra (2675 pts)
2. Zack Coleman (2545 pts)
3. Francois Pialoux (2480 pts)

1. James Fink (1955 pts)
2. Adam Pitcher (1200 pts)
3. Daniel Pitcher (970 pts)

1. Jamie Hamill (2135 pts)
=2. Richard Fink (2005 pts)
=2. Tim Pitcher (2005 pts)

Grand Masters:
1. Michael Preswick (1015 pts)
2. Stephen Robinson (970 pts)

Annual General Meeting

The 2021 AGM was held on 5 May where a new committee was elected for the 2021/22 season.

The AGM kicked off with the president’s report, where the repeated attendence of members at multiple events was positively reflected on. This was followed by the treasurer’s report where financil statements were presented and accepted, with the association in a solid financial position for the 2021/22 season.

Finally, the committee for 2021/22 was elected. Continuity with the previous committee was largely maintained, other than Head Judge Stephen Robinson stepping down, and Francois Pialoux taking over from Matteo Pettricone in the Marketing and Media role. Jason Juretic was elected into the new Development Officer role. The outgoing committee members were thanked for their dedicated service.

2021/22 NSW Wavesailing Association Committee

President: Zack Coleman
Vice President: Francois Pialoux
Treasurer: Richard Fink
Secretary: Michael Preswick
Executive Head Judge: Vacant
Head of Sponsorship: Tim Pitcher
Marketing and Media: Francois Pialoux
Development Officer: Jason Juretic

P.S. – Stay tuned to nswwavesailing.org for updates about the upcoming 2021/21 season – announcements coming soon!

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