Severne East Coast Titles Event Results

After a 9.30am briefing in the carpark, a decision was made to get heats underway as early as conditions allowed. We were lucky the reliable NE kicked in and we got the Opens on the water first to take advantage of the 20-25kt cross off conditions

The event was run efficiently with 10minutes heats to allow us 15 min heats for the finals. Finals were run as 2 man’on’man heats simultaneously – Red vs white for 1st place and Yellow vs Blue for 3rd and 4th placings …

Thanks to the competitors for their assistance in the smooth running of the event and their help in judging, special thanks to Stephen Robinson (Head Judge) and Adrian Levy (asst Head Judge) and also great work by our President Zack Coleman plus great effort from everyone. Thanks also to our event sponsor Severne and series sponsor WSS Boards as well as our other generous sponsors.


Opens – 1. Adrian Levy (AJ), 2. Shane Finnegan (Finno), 3. Michael Westra (George)
Masters – 1. Warren Holder (Wazza), 2. Martin Batstone, 3. Akim Halank
Grand Masters – 1. Oliver Barta (Oli), 2. Stephen Robinson (Robbo), 3. Rob Jacobs /Jaime Coelho
Juniors – 1. Alex Alan, 2. Daniel Pitcher, 3. James Fink (little Finky), 4. Adam Pitcher
Ams – 1. Adrien Gacon (Frenchie)

Surfcomp  our judging app ( or in the app store) – you can access live scores even if you cannot make it to the event

East Coast Results

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