Teams Event & Presentation – 10/11 March 2018

The 2017/18 Summer Series came to a fitting end with a weekend of Wavesailing and great socialising, with wind and waves – not many of us were down at Gerroa for the solid swell on the Saturday morning – those that were there were rewarded with uncrowded overhead waves with plenty of punch to get out on a board or Sup and have a ball.

When the ever reliable Gerroa NE came up a few sailors went out and waves over half mast were there for the patient ones – here are some phone shots of James Fink

There were aerials and some bigger sets enjoyed before we inevitably called it off and headed for drinks and Trophy Presentation at Emery Park – many thanks go to our series sponsor Wind Surf & Snow, as well as Severne Sails & Cronulla Surfing Academy who donated prizes for the series.

Series Results:
Open Pros: Equal 1st place to Adrian Levy & Shane Finnigan, equal 3rd to Francois Pialoux & Zack Coleman
Open Ams: 1st Place Darren Pascoe, 2nd Place Tim Pitcher, 3rd Place Adrien Gacon
Juniors: 1st Place James Fink, equal 2nd Adam Pitcher and Daniel Pitcher
Masters: 1st Place Dean Hendrie, 2nd Place Stephen Robinson, 3rd Place Rob Jacobs
Grand Masters: 1st Place Warren Holder, 2nd Place Michael Preswick

We of course headed up to Fishos for dinner and more refreshments and celebrated what has been a great season.

On Sunday morning the formalities resumed with the AGM and new look committee was elected, additional details and minutes will be in a separate post, but we welcome and appreciate the following who have been elected to ensure the next season is run as a professional and fun series of events with emphasis on  fairness in judging & competition.

President – Zack Coleman
Vice President – Jason Juretic
Secretary – Warren Holder
Treasurer – Richard Fink
Head Judge – Dean Hendrie
Marketing & Media – Michael Preswick
Sponsorship – Rob Jacobs

We also thank the outgoing committee members for their efforts during the year
Sunday offered smaller surf, but we had sufficient wind to finish the series’ final event with several hours of quality free sailing – there was a feeling of being in a great Team, even though we had no formal event, everyone there enjoyed the weekend.


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