NSWWA Annual General Meeting

Hi all,

Last weekend was the annual Teams Challenge in conjunction with the AGM. The forecast for the competition weekend was the worst for the year and unfortunately the conditions didn’t allow the teams events to run. We did however still manage a marginal but fun free sail at Werri Beach on the Saturday and for those lucky enough to be able to hang around Sunday afternoon, a good session at Gerroa in 15+knots and waist-high waves.

The Gerroa/Windang area has proven its reliability this season when it come to wind. Even on the worst forecasts possible, we have still managed to get some decent sailing. This event at Werri and Gerroa and earlier in the year at Windang both providing some pretty good sailing even know the odds were against us with the forecast.

The AGM this year was a very open and productive one. Steaks were eaten, beers were drunk and finally after approximately 3 hours of debate. Decisions were made on event styles, locations, dates and committee members.

The events were decided to stay in the same format as this year, that is, expression session style with a scored super session final. In conjunction is the State Titles to be held over 4 days to determine the states best using man on man PWA format rules. The major variation this upcoming year is the crowning of the expression session series winner which will be a very sought after prize, the sailor that is really pushing the limit and going BIG will win this title . The expression session series will be scored on 5 of your 6 best results.


The committee for 2014/2015

  • President – Mick (George) Westra
  • Vice President – Tim Williams
  • Treasurer – Zack Coleman
  • Head Judge – Tim Knowles
  • Backup Head Judge – Jessica Crisp
  • Sponsorship – Josh Fletcher/Warren Holder/Mick Westra
  • Marketing/Media – Zack Coleman

Locations and Dates

  1. Birubi (Mid Winter Bash) – August 23/24th
  2. Flat Rock (Lennox Head) – September 27/28th (29th optional)
  3. Gerroa/Windang (Sth’ly) – November 1/2nd
  4. Wanda/Windang (Sth’ly) – December 13/14th
  5. Gerroa (State Titles)          – February 7/10th
  6. Gerroa End of Season        – February 28th/March 1st

This next year is going to continue with the fun and friendly atmosphere that this year has brought. We have had 25 new members join this year and I am hoping for all the old faithful’s that have taken this year off, to join in the new and exciting organisation that is the NSW Wavesailing Association. Remember our mission statement;

“Increase participation in Wavesailing and Wavesailing competitions in NSW through the development of a dynamic, fun and inspiring environment for people of all ages to enjoy our sport.”

We all need to take this mission seriously as we all can affect the future of our sport in NSW. Make sure you help your friends and family in to the sport and invite them along to some of our events. I guarantee that they will have FUN!

Thanks and see you all next year,





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