Don’t Forget the AGM!

On the coming weekend (22nd & 23rd) the NSWWA will hold its Teams’ Event, and what is going to be the most important AGM of the last decade.

It has been a season since the implementation of the NSWWA’s controversial new format. Competitors now have had the chance to experience the all-day expression session format and state titles event, and now will have the chance to have a say about the direction the NSWWA takes for the future.

Another hotly contested topic will be the location of events, with the introduction of a Ballina event providing incredible conditions for the 2013/14 season; will we see Ballina keep its spot on the 2014/15 series? – It’s your call.

So if you really have an opinion about the sports future, come to the AGM, have your say, vote, and maybe even take up a position on the committee.


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