2012 Season Wrap Up & Exciting New Format!

Firstly, I would like to introduce myself. I’m Mick Westra or George, for those of you that don’t know me, I have been a member of the association for the past 18 years, competing on and off over that time. I turn into an excitable grom when the conditions are good and have been washed up the rocks 3 times this season trying new spots!

The 2012 season was a cracker with conditions at all 5 events. Congratulations to all the winners. We also held the National titles this year and sailed 5 pretty fun days out of 7 in possibly the worst forecast imaginable. The past committee have done a great job and have left the association in great shape to start the new journey.

I have taken over the reins from Tim and hope I can continue the growth of the association. After much liaising with past and present members, I am implementing a total change in mindset for the association. The aim is to increase the participation at each event. The new format will be less daunting for new members and will be more appealing to current ones. It is designed for the enjoyment of all participants and is aimed at helping everyone improve. Beginners and youths will be able to sail all day with the top sailors in the state, watching and learning, getting help and encouragement. Whilst the top level sailors will have the ability to ‘out do’ each other with radical innovative moves.

The new format is an all-day expression session. Followed by a short ‘super session’ late in the afternoon where the top 10 sailors chosen, sail for the final positions. The emphasis is on participation and the final results are secondary to the fun of the weekend. The weekends are going to be ideal for the whole family with organised events at night as well as preferred accommodation locations so all competitors can be in the same spot over the weekend. Prizes will be random and spot prizes will be awarded for things like biggest wipeout, best jump, biggest improver.

In addition to these events, there will a 4 day long NSW State titles in which the competitive sailors can duel it out with a man on man format following the PWA guidelines. Having this over one 4 day time period will make it easier for the best sailors to attend, not having to make the drive to all of the events, the competition will be hot with the best of the best sailors competing. All members are welcome to compete, if competition is not your cup of tea, come along and join in with the social aspects, sail outside the contest area or hang around the tent and watch the ‘big guns’ do their stuff.  

 The event dates are as follows;

Event 1 – Flat Top Ballina; Saturday 5th – Monday 7th October

Event 2 – Windang (Based in Windang); – November 16th – 17th

Event 3 – Wanda; December 7th – 8th 

NSW State Titles – Gerroa; Thursday February 13th – Sunday 16th

Event 4 – Gerroa; March 1st – 2nd

I will be posting more exciting news as it develops, there are big plans for this new format and I guarantee the most fun that you could possibly have windsurfing is on its way!

I’m looking forward to seeing all the regulars, the old faces and the many new. Make sure you tell your friends about this exciting new format and let’s get behind this new innovative idea.

See you out on the water.



  1. Reblogged this on Oz Wind Rider and commented:
    The times they are a changing. This a great move from “George” and the NSW crew. Well done guys, I for one am looking forward to getting along to a few events.

    1. Sounds like it could be a great change. Look forward to seeing it work. A bit disappointed to see Woolgoolga has dropped off the calendar as an event location though.

  2. Yep have to agree with the Woolgoolga comp being deleted. Is a great spot for a comp in any conditions.

    1. Stephen/Neil, you may recall that it was dropped last year because the Nationals, run by Queensland, were held there. This year we are heading to Flat Rock, Balina which is a very similar (better) setup to Woolgoolga and has camping right on the beach.

      Queensland sailors are already committing to the event there.

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