SUP prize from Windsurfn’Snow!


As you may recall we ran a SUP competition on a windless day a few months back. Well, it turns out that Sam and Anne at Windsurfn’Snow have kindly given NSWWA a brand new JP 8’10″x30″ Surf SUP!!! This board looks awesome, a smaller version was used to win the Australian National SUP Competition and you can connect a sail to it for SUPsailing.

NSW WA would like to sincerely thank Sam, Anne and the WindSurfnSnow team for their generous support this season. Along with his support for Event 3 Sam has also provided NSW WA with the SUP as a major end of season prize. Check out the pictures and you can see it’s a sweet looking board!

We have one competition to go to finalise the end of year positions on the first weekend of February followed by the always fun Teams Event on the first weekend of March. Prizes, including the SUP will be handed out to the winners – so make sure you are there or you will miss out!

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