NSWWA Presents Event 3, Illawarra brought to you by WS’nS

Ladies and Gents,

It seem like Event 2 at the Central Coast was only last weekend (it was) so this post seems somewhat premature. However, Event 3 in the Illawarra brought to you by Windsurf ‘n Snow, supported by our Series Sponsor Severne and Junior Season Sponsor Hot Sails Maui, is only 3 weekends away!

Please start organising accommodation assuming that we will be competing at Gerroa in a NE’r or Windang in Southerly. BBQ will be in Gerroa.

Hopefully we’ll have some excellent demo kit from the guys at WS’nS who are always ready to help!

They have also organised a SUP event this Friday and Saturday with some young wizzkid SUP Grom called Kai Bates Lenny – give ’em a call if you want to get involved!

We will get results, report and pictures up on our website ASAP.

See you in the Illawarra!

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