Competitors please take note!

Guys and girls, as some of you have spotted we cannot compete at Toowoon Bay as the Waterways people have cancelled our application. We may be able to in the future but not this year. They have in excess of 400 nippers on Saturday morning with extra wide flags that extend hundreds of metres out to sea!

There is no way we can compete without going through the flags.

We have been informed that the south end of North Entrance (right next to the bridge/entrance to the lake) can work in a southerly.

If not, we’ll have to suck it up and enjoy cross/cross-on jumping and backside riding. Clew first down the line really does sort the wheat from the chaff!

We hope for full support from the regular sailors and Central Coast guys as we can assure you, this was not the result we wanted; Tim Williams and Francois Régis have spent a lot of time trying to persuade people to have a different view.

Whatever happens at these events, they are always great weekends away with friends, family and like-minded people!


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