O.M.G!! You should have been there!!


Two competitions into the season and both have delivered 25+ knots and 3/4 mast high waves.  One Port tack and one Starboard – a great test for determining the best of NSW.

We had an amazing turnout for the Windsurf’nSnow Illawarra Classic – 48 competitors registered with a lot of other people taking the trip to join in with the BBQ later on in the day.  Thanks to all those that turned up, helped out etc.  Anne from WSnS brought a load of gear down which was great for those who’d destroyed all of their own kit!

There will be a better report out in the next few days, but we thought you’d all like to know that it was a great event!

Next up is Wanda on the 10th/11th December – it has a lot to live up to!!

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