Fancy trying something a little different?

The 2011-12 NSW Windsurf Tour “Slalom Series” will comprise of 4 events over the summer hosted on Botany Bay, Sydney. The events will be subject to wind forecast and confirmation of each event will occur on the Thursday preceding the proposed event dates (check website below or Seabreeze).

We at NSW Wavesailing Association have been chatting to the Windsurfing NSW Association and have decided it could be a lot of fun to give a bit of slalom racing a go.  The impression we get is that we might do quite well (thanks to being able to carve gybe!) and that the first event – 30th October – will be quite informal and not too serious!

So, if you fancy trying something a little different why not join a few of us at Botany Bay on Sunday the 30th of October.

Details are here:


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