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Girls and guys,

Due to the forecast of potentially 5m+ swell on Sunday, we will be looking to run heats on Saturday – primarily the Juniors.  At this stage there is a light northerly wind forecast so we ask you all to head to Hearns Lake for sign on between 9-10am.

Please head along, sign on and support the juniors – our next wave (excuse the pun) of windsurfers!

Can you also please not park on the beach – our permit only allows for “unloading/loading” and not parking.  Thanks.

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  1. Given the conditions up here the last few weeks in relation to forecast it’s likely to be less hectic than the forecast. Still looks good for sun and mon but not crazy big. might get a slight n.e puff early arvo tomorrow but the seabreezes haven’t really been too strong this season yet. sun/mon looks like perfect strongish ssw with some good swell. See you all up here!!

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